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We have installed thousands of utility type electric meters and submeters from virtually every manufacturer.

Meter Installation is our core business but we provide services for the entire spectrum of metering technology. This includes power meters, sub-meters, CTs, VTs, all ancillary meter equipment, energy managment systems, and solar meters.

We are a CAISO certified turn key equipment installer and CA electrician certified. We provide services for meter reading, meter data management, smart meters, solar meter management and installation, demand response systems, energy efficiency programs, and networking for metering devices.

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Our main offices are located in California and Texas, but we have provided metering services in 35 out of the 50 United States


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At AMT, Inc., meter installation is our core business but we provide services for the entire spectrum of metering technology, including CT, PT, VT, power meters, sub-meters, communication runs, data logging services, and solar meters. We have installed thousands of utility type electric meters and submeters from virtually every manufacturer.

We are a CAISO certified turn key equipment installer and CA electrician certified.


  • Installation of remotely read meters, CTs and secondary wiring at several military bases with some facilities as old as 60 years.
  • Installation of energy management systems and data collection equipment at hospitals in CA, AZ and NV.
  • Installation of wireless IP addressable meters for a local municipality.
  • Installation of submeters and phone line extensions at several community colleges.
  • Installation of meters, CTs and equipment on several self-generation projects.
  • Calibration of installed submeters.
  • Field meter accuracy tests for public utility commission requirements



About Us...







AMT Installes the ION8600


















Below is a list of products that we use for installations.

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Elster A3 Alpha Meter

elster a3 alpha meter
Transdata Mark V

transdata mark v


EIG Shark 200

eig shark 200 meter
Schneider Electric ION8600

power logic ION8600 meter




DC Systems Remote Intelligent Gateway (RIG)

remote intelligence gateway







Schneider Electric ION7550

power logic ION7550 meter












Schneider Electric

power logic PM800 meter
Centron Polyphase

centron polyphase meter
Itron Sentinel

itron sentinel meter





















We are currently hiring Journeyman Meter Technicians!

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Applied Metering Technologies, Inc.
9244 Bermudez St.
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Our Team...



Mario Natividad, CEO

Applied Metering Technologies CEO: Mario NatividadThe technical experience of AMT's management team is as diverse as it is comprehensive. Mario Natividad, the founder and CEO, has 35 years of metering experience, 29 at Southern California Edison. He began his career at SCE as a testman helper in the company's meter shop and eventually became the manager of SCE Electrical Metering Services, a position he held for seven years.

As manager, Mario Natividad had oversight of four groups: the meter shop, the distribution transformer repair shop, the field section of approximately 170 meter testmen and supervisors, and the meter engineering support services organization. He has published in the "meterman's bible," otherwise known as the EEI Metering & Service Committee's Handbook for Electricity Metering, 9th Edition.

He was actively involved in the EEI Meter and Service committee, a national organization based in Washington, D.C. In addition to serving as the second vice chair of the EEI Meter & Service Committee and chair of the Management Practices Subcommittee, he was nominated and became a member of the AEIC, Association of Electric Illuminating Companies, Meter & Service committee. Nomination to this committee can only be made by existing members of the committee and is reserved for utility metering professionals who have demonstrated leadership and innovation in the metering field. He was selected by SCE to represent the utility on the Electric Power Research Institute's Advanced Metering Target group. He also co-founded and chaired the Southern California Meter Users group comprised of meter professionals from municipal and private utilities.




Johnell Holly, Chief Engineer

Applied Metering Technologies Chief Engineer: Johnell HollyAMT's chief engineer, Johnell Holly, has approximately 27 years of experience in metering as a journeyman technician, instructor, and engineer. He also has experience as a communications technician. As an SCE engineer he was responsible for maintenance, updates, and technical support of the meter software used to program SCE's TOU meters.

Johnell Holly was also a project manager for SCE's load-survey system, and was instrumental in coordinating SCE's load-research metering projects. Johnell Holly later was a lead engineer for SCE's AMR effort. He has developed numerous training modules for field technicians use on laptop computers to program and read meters optically in the field. He currently supports customer integration issues and AMT field staff on technical issues involving meter software, hardware and communications.

AMT's logistics manager, Cynthia Lastrapes, has over 24 years of metering experience. Her background includes journeyman meter technician, meter analyst & supervision at SCE.


















Meter & Communications Technicians

AMT's meter technicians average over 20 years in utility metering and submetering. Our staff has been complemented over the years by many customers for their exemplary professionalism, excellent meter knowledge and high customer service. It is their skills that have brought AMT increased business through customer referrals. Once you have seen first hand our team in action, you will know you are in capable hands. AMT techs work high voltage and perform complete meter wiring and services from the smallest commercial business to large substations.

Our communications technicians are equally experienced and average over 15 years experience in communications cabling. When you consider that virtually 100% of all the meters we install have remote communications, you understand their experience in cabling specifically for electric meters and equipment. Their capabilities include all cabling from common POTS to complicated fiber optic runs. They are adept at connectivity and integration to existing customer systems. They also install submeters and energy management systems.








































Contact Information

Technical Assistance:

Johnell Holly, Chief Engineer

Project Information:

Mario Natividad, CEO

General Contact Information

Applied Metering Technologies, Inc.
9244 Bermudez St.
Pico Rivera, CA 90660

Phone (562) 801 - 5688

Fax (562) 801 - 5689






















Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)






Q: What does AMT do?

A: We provide a multitude of services around the installation and testing of electric meters, energy monitoring equipment, and the meter related equipment like CTs, PTs, data loggers, and controls. Our expertise is in understanding the nuances of electric meters and in ensuring your energy is accurately metered.

Q: What is your typical response time and availability?

A: We are usually finished with our schedule for the following week by Thursday of each week. For large projects we can commit for an extended period. For example, we presently have 8 technicians performing meter installation and testing for the next year. We also have California ISO work scheduled over the next couple of months. And we are continually dispatching technicians on maintenance service calls.

Q: Our project involves a need for site inspections to gather information on the equipment requirements. Do you offer these services?

A: AMT is a turn-key provider. We can assess your needs on site after gathering some information on your data requirements and overall scope. From there we can procure your meters and equipment and schedule the installation. We will also work with meters and equipment that you purchase and provide.

Q: Do you also provide services for communications wiring?

A: Yes. We are expert at installing wiring for Ethernet communications, Modbus, and plain telephone line extensions. One project we had entailed running Cat 5 for over 400 meter points between buildings and pulling through existing conduit between underground vaults and running lines up/down multiple floors.

Q: Can you integrate newer meters to existing systems?

A: In most cases we can provide newer generation meters that will work with your present system. We would be happy to discuss your project needs.

Q: Our project is well over 10MW of generation. Can you meter this?

A: Yes. Our technicians are qualified to install meters, current transformers, and potential transformers at primary voltages. We install meters for the California ISO on a regular basis and provide the RIG (Remote Intelligent Gateway) through a partner provider.

Q: What is your geographical area?

A: In general we serve the southwestern states. However, we have installed equipment in over 30 states. Please call us if you have a project in mind.

Q: Does AMT have more than one office?

A: Our main office is in Los Angeles County but we also have technicians in Northern California and our Chief Engineer is in Texas.






















































We provide complete turnkey RIG solutions for your generation
site. This includes, RIG platform (server hardware and software),
metering, installation, and CAISO testing and certification. In
addition, we provide the final documentation to CAISO after
certification testing.

Utilized by more than 400 leading global electric utilities
and energy producers for a variety of Advanced Metering
Infrastructure (AMI) applications; the versatile MARK-V
Energy Meter provides users with an innovative and cost
-effective smart grid revenue metering solution to more
effectively measure, manage and communicate energy
flow data.

The A3 ALPHA® meter uses Elster's patented digital
measurement techniques that offer high accuracy,
repeatability, and low ownership costs.

The Shark 200 metering system is an ultra-compact
power metering device, providing industry leading
revenue metering functionality combined with advanced
data-logging, communication and I/O traditionally found
only in high performance and high cost systems.

The web-enabled Schneider Electric ION8600 series socket and
switchboard meters are the world’s most advanced socket
-based energy meters and are a perfect choice to monitor
electric power networks, service entrances and substations.

Ideal for both energy suppliers and consumers, and loaded
with advanced functionality for monitoring key distribution
points and sensitive loads, the Schneider Electric ION7660/7550
power and energy meter offers an unmatched feature set
including advanced power quality analysis coupled with
revenue accuracy, multiple communications options, web
compatibility, and control capabilities.

Designed for basic monitoring and electrical installations
with power-sensitive processes, there are three PM800
series power meter models available that combine accurate
energy, power measurement and power quality capabilities.

The CENTRON Polyphase is a solid-state, polyphase electricity
meter for the commercial and industrial (C&I) market. The
CENTRON Polyphase provides utilities with unparalleled digital
accuracy and reliability as well as a flexible platform that allows
utilities to integrate their low- and mid-tier C&I customers more
easily into large-scale automated meter reading (AMR) systems.

The SENTINEL is a solid-state, polyphase meter. This self-contained
or transformer-rated meter is designed for use with your high-end
commercial and industrial (C&I) customers, including large industrial
sites and substations.

Applied Metering Technologies Phone Number: (562) 801-5688
Applied Metering Technologies (AMT)
Applied Metering Technologies (AMT)